Handmade Décor

Local Art Gives Your Home a Personal Touch

Shop for handmade home décor in Laramie, WY

Finding the perfect décor for your home just got easier. Chalked And Polished is your source for handmade home décor in Laramie, WY. We offer a wide range of pieces made by local artisans. That includes seasonal pieces, wood signs and more. You can even order a custom piece. We'll let you know if we can bring your vision to life.

Right now, we also have handcrafted gnomes available for purchase. Our gnomes Noel, Long-Legged Rudy, Standing Stanley, Small Tiny Gorham, Entodon and Corduroy Carly need new homes. You can meet them all at our store. Stop by our shop now.

Locally made pieces with local style in mind

Items made by a local craftsman tend to feel more special. If you're interested in adding a unique piece to your interior design or want to secure the perfect holiday gift for a friend, you'll want to visit our shop. We sell:

  • Seasonal pieces like gnomes, snowmen and button trees
  • Handmade blanket letters with custom staining options
  • Wood palette signs complete with quotes and phrases
  • Minimalist tile signs without wooden frames
  • Custom serving trays for bathtubs, coffee tables and stovetops

View our handmade home décor at our shop in Laramie, WY today. You're sure to find something you can't leave without.